Lucia Zaghet
Out of more than twenty young actors that chose, after their studies at the Scuola Sperimentale dell'Attore, to go on with the theatre career in the Compagnia Attori & Cantori – Hellequin, Lucia Zaghet is the one that constantly renewed her commitment to our projects, thus becoming a full member of our association and finally becoming part of the management.
She took part as an actress to all the company performances since 1997, including the Progetto Sciamano, and as a managing director to all the projects of our association. She also run different theatre workshops aimed to the young, and today she is director of the "Piccola Accademia Ragazzi" (the yearly workshop for kids of the Scuola Sperimentale dell'Attore) and she is didactical manager of the "Officina del Corpo" (the permanent workshop for and together with the Liceo Leopardi Majorana).
Moreover she runs since years different workshop in other schools. She has also a keen interest in multicultural activities, which she expresses through her personal research and work with traditions from various lands.
Her last work, Nero & Bianco (Black & White), is a mime and dance tale that brings forward her talent for precision and energy and is included in the company repertoire.