Scuola Sperimentale dell'Attore
The Scuola Sperimentale dell'Attore, is a no-profit association, its aim is to research a launguage for the contemporary actor and spread its results, so that he can have the same technique and creativity of a musician, a writer or a painter. This goal should be achieved through a constant dialogue with the best traditions of different parts of the world and through a study of the most important voices of the XX century.
The School offers short monografic courses, full time workshops or specific projects following a request from an institution or a local authority. There are often guest artists and teachers from all over the world.
Commedia dell'Arte is, through the original reconstruction by Claudia Contin Arlecchino and Ferruccio Merisi, is the school main focus, but definitely not the only one: in its daily schedule have an important role also the Poetry of the Voice, contemporary Dramaturgie of the Body, theory and technique of the Character, Theater-Dance.
The Experimental Actor's School offers in his own place a complete range of theater courses: courses of Commedia dell'Arte, Mime and Neutral Mask, Voice and Text Interpretation, Contemporary Drama (Tragedia dell'Arte), Direction ...and practical workshops for the creation of masks for the theatre. For professionals, for enthusiasts and amateurs, for educators, for youth and teens.

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Compagnia Hellequin
The Compagnia Hellequin (formerly Attori & Cantori), officially recognized by the italian Ministry of Culture and Art through its collaboration with the Teatro Tascabile of Bergamo, is the mean by which the Scuola Sperimentale dell'Attore experiences the actual reaction of an audience. It produces and releases plays for various circuits and different kinds of audience, always avoiding a "commercial" end and emphasizing its experimental vocation.
For this reason the Scuola Sperimentale dell'Attore is associated with UILT (Unione Italiana Libero Teatro), while the its plays, together with the ones by Claudia Contin Arlecchino and Lucia Zaghet, are covered by the italian artists welfare organization (Enpals) through the Teatro Tascabile of Bergamo.
Hellequin is the name of the mythological ancestral Harlequin, captain of an army of rascals and under his emblem the Compagnia defines its identity as a dynamic production, dedicated to the youngs and looking for social interactions.