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Brand new billboard in: Teatro nel Giardino del Mondo (Theater in the World's Garden)
July-August 2016

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Teatro in Casa anzi in Giardino, Attracchi a Porto Arlecchino,
Maravee Therapy, Immigrant Song
July-August 2015
August 2015
August 2015
February 2016

FrescoTeatroSocial - theatrical review 2014-2015
November 2014
December 2014
January 2015
February 2015
March 2015
June 2015

Scuola Sperimentale dell'Attore is a Cultural Association that manages since many years different projects on its native territory. This projects aim to educate people at different levels: as actors, as technicians and as audience.

In addition to its Festival-Workshop, the Arlecchino Errante and to its Intercultural Masterclass (15 meetings since 1997), the following projects are an integral part of the Scuola identity: